About itiDirkha

Based in Chhattisgarh, itiDirkha is establishing a unique delivery network that offers complete Oral Healthcare solution to Rural and Sub-urban masses in Central India. itiDirkha's Delivery Network is known for Accurate Diagnosis, Excellent Care & treatment, Convenience, Affordability while setting highest standards of Ethics and Transparency. 

itiDirkha R&D team in collaboration with an IP partner has a mission to continually develop and market a strong portfolio of technologies, and corresponding Intellectual Property, in connection with design and implementation of low-cost, community utilizable, rapid, non- and/or minimally invasive, in-vivo and/or in-vitro, healthcare related Bio-Medical Engineering Products and Solutions.

Additionally itiDirkha is utilizing its delivery network as Rural Sales and Marketing channel to push market products, services or solutions that impact rural health and hygiene.

To know more visit our website at www.itidirkha.com

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