Thursday, October 18, 2012

itiDirkha℠ : Community Health Initiative

Quality of life can be affected by oral health and diseases. Facts about oral health condition in India -
  • About 50% of India’s population suffers from gum disease (WHO Report)
  • Dental disease prevalence in 35-44 year olds is at 80-95%. (DCI Survey)
  • 40 % of Indians do not use a tooth brush (IMRB Survey)
  • 1.5% dentists are available in rural India where 72% of Indian population resides (National Oral Health Survey)
  • Just 2% of the population visit a dentist.
The dental profession is primary responsible for the oral health care of the public. Although the specialty of dental public health evolved from organized dentistry, philosophy behind development and implementation of dental programs to serve the public is often the difference between the two. This difference arose because the focus of the dental practitioner is serving an individual patient while the focus of a dental public health practitioner is the overall community. Dental public health field has been expanding in scope and complexity with more emphasis being placed on the total dental care delivery system and its impact on overall oral health status of a community. American board of dental public health modified " winslow's " definition and defined dental public health as: "the science and art of preventing and controlling dental disease and promoting dental health through organized community efforts."

Dental health of the community can only be attained by organized efforts to prevent oral disease, promote oral health and thus improve quality of life. Our community health initiative and events are aimed at prevention, early intervention, and direct treatment of dental and oral diseases.Community oral health are structured interventions that give communities greater control over health conditions. 

Our company itiDirkha is willing to do that form of dental practice which serves the community as a patient rather than an individual; we are concerned with the dental health education of the public, performing research along with the administration of dental care programs for groups and with the prevention and control of dental disease through a community approach. At itiDirkha, we realize that community based approach has lots of advantages over traditional healthcare delivery methods.      

·       Prevention of disease is the goal as an ethical practice.( prevention is better then cure). Prevention requires team work and is more  cost efficient.  
·       We focus on search for the root-cause of the disease spreading (Epidemology)
·      We use bio-statistical methods for comparative analysis of the population. Analysis outputs form basis for further studies and treatment planning which helps us in providing low cost services.
·     We deal with the healthy (presuming to be healthy) as well as the sick unlike treatment center based approach where only people, who are able to identify they are sick, visit for treatment.
·     We offer Health education. We encourage them to talk about health with each other and hence enhance communication between the local population.     
·    We offer Unique Dental health care delivery system and easier ways to pay for Dental treatment. Our delivery system covers rural, sub-urban as well as urban areas.

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