Friday, February 13, 2015

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A dentist and an engineer: siblings on a mission against oral cancer 

Dr Preeti Adil Chandrakar and her engineer brother Praveen Adil often travel in a second hand truck with a diesel jerry can as portable water storage unit. It is certainly not a luxury car, even in rural Chattisgarh, but it a functional one in their mission to improve oral care in the villages of Chattisgarh. Every time the two siblings go out in their mobile dentist lab, they reach unusual patients. Sometimes they are compared with nomads or madaris who roam around with monkeys. Villagers ask them why they charge so much when other madaris extract teeth for less than Rs 20. Others come back to the team after treatment or after the camps they conduct to thank them with food offerings ... read more on

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These siblings are on a mission to cure oral cancer

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Redefining "Affordable" Oral Health Services #cghealth

Dr. Preeti Adil Chandrakar and Komal inside ® Mobile Dental Van during an Oral Health Diagnostics and Treatment Camp

Affordable Oral Healthcare Services does not essentially overall cost reduction in Oral Healthcare services enabled by charging lower diagnosis fee and compromising on quality of dental materials to reduce treatment charges . Inaccurate diagnosis and poor treatment may lead to recurring dental problems as well as need for costlier treatment procedures in future. 

Getting diagnosed accurately during early stages of any dental disease and receiving right treatment on time can prevent oral health condition from degrading further. It may seem expensive in the short run but will turn out to be more affordable than receiving at later stages of any oral disease.

At ® we thrive to offer Affordable ORAL Healthcare Services to Rural Population in Chhattisgarh