Thursday, August 30, 2012

itiDirkha℠ Health and Technology LLP - Founder profiles

Praveen Adil
Linkedin profile :
Founder and CEO of ItiDirkha™ Health and Technology, LLP

Praveen has close to 10 years of technology experience across Analog IC Design, Wireless , Energy Demand Management Systems and Healthcare Domains developing & managing complex products, solutions & services.
His areas of interests include products, services or solutions that impact Rural Health and Hygiene, Bio-Medical Engineering Products and Solutions (Healthcare), Embedded systems, mHealth and the like.
Prior to founding ItiDirkha™ Health and Technology, LLP, Praveen has held R&D positions with Texas Instruments Bangalore, PLX Technologies Singapore & UK and Indian start-ups. He holds a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (2003 Batch). 

At itiDirkha Health & Technology LLP, Praveen is responsible for defining successful Business Strategies, building Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, Procurement / Sourcing & general management of the entire team. 

Praveen also manages Bio-medical engineering research wing of itiDirkha. Over the long run itiDirkha has a mission to continually develop and market a strong portfolio of technologies, and corresponding IP, in connection with design and implementation of low-cost, community utilizable Engineering Products and Solutions.

He can be reached at

Dr. Preeti Adil Chandrakar

Dr, Preeti Adil (B.D.S ,Dental Surgeon) studied Dentisty from CDCRI, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. After graduation she did her internship at CDCRI between 2008-2009. During her internship her primarily focus was Community Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry. Within first month of posting in Community Dentistry Department, she participated in more than 5 camps ( 2 treatment camps and 3+ diagnostic camps) and offered her services at all the four satellite centers owned by CDCRI. 

She has performed a large number of Complete Denture (CD) treatments successfully.She has also managed entire pediatric department for several months under guidance of a senior doctor while there was lack of experienced staff in the college. 

Despite her excellent performance, when an Oral Surgery case arrived, she was not allowed to handle the same . She was told its better that a male doctor handles the same. Being a girl she is less likely to make progress in her career as a dentist after graduation. She decided to perform oral surgery cases in future only in her own independent establishment.

After internship she started working under guidance of a reputed private practitioner. During her tenure she  observed unethical / malpractice being performed almost everyday. She decided to quit that job and applied for house job at a local Dental College. After joining the institute she faced everyday change in departments. Sometimes she was managing more than two departments in one single day. Lack of staff was apparent, exploitation was rampant and payments were irregular. Any voice raised by existing staff was suppressed and was followed up by expelling some of them to keep a check on the rest. 

Having interest in regularly practicing dentistry, teaching seemed to be no longer a good option. 
itiDirkha was conceptualized in early 2010. As a pilot exercise itiDirkha established first Dental Care Center in sub-urban area of city called Bhilai, strategically located closer to villages. During a short span of time the clinic has received over 1000+ footprints, treating people from all income groups everyday. Dr. Preeti Adil has treated over 2000+ patients so far performing all kinds of dental treatments WITHOUT seeking any support from MDS doctors. Dental Care Center is known for accurate diagnosis and treatment and has several hundred repeat patients and excellent patient referral network. 

Setting up this clinic was key to understand the oral healthcare needs of sub-urban / rural population, key challenges behind providing affordable healthcare before expanding to offer services covering a larger area.

Dr. Preeti Adil @ itiDirkha has busted several myths -

  • Unethical/malpractice is the only way to earn money in dentistry
  • Poor people can't afford dental treatment
  • Its difficult to run a clinic profitable in a sub-urban area closer to villages
  • Women can't do independent medical practice.

ItiDirkha is now expanding to offer affordable healthcare services to larger population through unique Oral Healthcare delivery mechanisms.At itiDirkha Health & Technology LLP Dr, Preeti is responsible for locally managing Business Operations in Chhattisgarh, India.